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Contract Hire Service

Looking to get your brand ‘out there’ but don’t fancy the implications and complications of running your own vehicle or fleet? That’s where our cost-effective contract hire facility can pay off.

Whether you are looking to put one liveried vehicle or a fleet of them out on the road, we have a contract-hire plan that will suit you and your operation.

We can provide vehicles in your branded colours with or without a driver. Contract Hire facilities are available from 3 years and upwards and are designed to maximise the profit earnings of your particular operation.

We can also provide an experienced transport operator as an implant within your organisation in order to assist in fulfiling the potential cost savings and revenue opportunities that exist when operating your contract hire vehicle or vehicles.

Main benefits:

  • Contract Hire Vehicles to your required specification.
  • All vehicles supplied are new.
  • Contracts designed around each clients operation.
  • Contracts supplied with or without drivers.
  • All vehicles can be tracked using the latest technologies.