Export Sheds Served by Speedtech

Export Shed Deliveries

Airfreight and exports can only mean one thing and that’s time-sensitive consignments. Traditionally export deliveries into airlines have never had the lengthy queues that are associated with imports. This scenario has now changed whereby timely export arrivals at airline sheds are imperative if booked flights are to be achieved.

Speedtech operates in accordance with DfT regulations which enables us to collect and deliver SPX and/or SCO cargo. All Speedtech employees are appropriately trained to DfT security levels appropriate to their role within the company and are to a minimum of Level CO.

To add an additional layer of security, all Speedtech vehicles are fitted with electronic seals which enables a full access audit to be provided if necessary.

Rollerbed resources are available for the export movement of aircraft containers into airline sheds along with air-ride suspension that ensures the most delicate of cargo is delivered correctly and without damage.

Main benefits:

  • Export delivery service with dedicated vehicles.
  • Aircraft container transfers with rollerbed vehicles
  • Air-ride suspension vehicles used in transfers
  • All Speedtech staff trained to appropriate DfT security level.
  • All vehicles tracked using the latest technologies.
  • Electronic seal systems for additional security layer.