Full or Part Loads By Speedtech

Full & Part Loads Delivery & Collection

We also offer a ‘Pull & Deliver’ service when the timing is absolutely crucial to the consignment and returning the freight to the client’s premises is not an option.

Freight can be pulled from the airline sheds and taken directly to the ultimate destination within the UK rather than returned back to the agent’s premises. When timing is absolutely critical and the consignment absolutely has to arrive by a certain time, we can provide the resources to collect and deliver directly after import release.

No transhipping of freight occurs and loaded vehicles are held in security controlled compounds if required prior to the delivery journey commencing.

Similarly, UK export consignments can be collected and arrangments made to have the freight delivered directly into the airline export sheds. Our DfT listing allows us to provide a ‘Security Corridor’ for export freight due to fly.

Main benefits:

  • DfT Listing provides a ‘Secure Corridor’ for exports.
  • All drivers security checked.
  • No transhipping of goods to alternative¬†vehicle.
  • Service available 24/7.
  • All vehicles tracked using the latest technologies.