Import Sheds Served By Speedtech

Import Shed Collections

It is a fact of life that service at the airline cargo sheds can differ not only on a day-by-day basis but also by an hour-by-hour basis. Committing a vehicle resource to an import queue can have a serious knock-on effect in service levels and of course profitability.

That’s why using an import collection service such as that offered by Speedtech makes sense not only financially but operationally as well. Having your company drivers and vehicles sitting in airline import queues is a waste of resource time and money.

Speedtech will arrange collection of appropriate clearance paperwork, ensure vehicles are booked in ahead of any storage cut-off times and provide appropriate monitoring and reports if required via our tracking system. Retrieved import consignments will be delivered back to the agent’s premises immediately upon retrieval or if required, held in a secure compound to await delivery. No inter-vehicle cargo transhipments are carried out, thus ensuring the integrity of your cargo.

Main benefits:

  • Vehicles dedicated to the import service.
  • Rollerbed vehicles available for container transfers
  • All vehicles have air-ride suspension for cargo protection
  • All drivers security checked & fully conversant with import procedures.
  • All vehicles tracked using the latest technologies.
  • Electronic seal system used on vehicles for added security & monitoring