Telematics Enhances Cold Chain Integrity

Speed Tech Uk Cold Chain Telematics

Enhancing Cold Chain Integrity: The Vital Role of Telematics in Speed-Tech UK's Temperature-Controlled Logistics.

The integrity of the cold chain is paramount in temperature-controlled logistics. It’s not merely a matter of quality – in many cases, it’s a matter of life and death. Freight transport, particularly involving chilled or frozen foodstuffs and sensitive pharmaceuticals, demands the utmost precision in temperature control… And this is where telematics comes into play…

Cold Chain Challenges and The Need for Telematics

Excessive heat or chilling can degrade foodstuffs or shorten their shelf life. Additionally, pharmaceuticals exposed to temperatures outside a narrow band may become ineffective or harmful. The demand for year-round fresh foods has amplified the need for robust temperature-controlled transport systems. Moreover, customers now require proof that load temperature has been maintained between pre-set parameters throughout its journey…

Telematics: A Game-Changer in Temperature-Controlled Logistics

From live location tracking to ensuring the load compartment hasn’t been opened by unauthorised personnel during transit, telematics technology provides comprehensive oversight. Speed-Tech UK, which is GDP compliant, utilises ADDSECURE & Quartix to ensure our compliance to cold chain integrity expected by our clients is fulfilled.

Telematics Benefits Beyond Foodstuffs & Pharmaceuticals

While foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals are key beneficiaries of advanced telematics systems, their value extends beyond these sectors… Back in the 1990s, Ralph Davies International used temperature-controlled trailers fitted with telematics to deliver mainframe computers to run banking systems in the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union. Times have changed, but the importance of cold chain integrity combined with telematics hasn’t.

Embrace The Power of Telematics Today!

The fast-paced acceptance of telematic solutions reflects its increasing significance. None of our clients involved in the movement of temperature-controlled goods gets left behind, as our commitment and investment into the latest technology ensures they are part of our technology journey when it comes to cold chain distribution.

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